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They say that dogs are man’s best friend. They are the very cute pets of people, and are very loyal to their owners. Dogs always want to keep their owners safe. When their owners are lonely, they are there to give them joy.

Dogs have never failed their owners when it comes to affection, and for that reason, they also deserve to feel loved and cared for.

How should you take care of your dogs?

1. Give them a clean and safe environment to live in.

It does not mean that they are mere animals, they no longer need a clean place to live in. It is important to choose a place where their need for cleanliness is not compromised. Do not let your dogs stay in places where their foods are so close to their poop or urine. Protect them too from anything that is harmful to them. It is known that dogs are very conscious of noises around them. They actually do shiver when there are fireworks or thunders. Such scenario only increases the stress level of your dogs which is very unhealthy for them.

They need a comfortable place where they can enjoy their lives as dogs.

2. Bring them regularly to the veterinarian.

Just like human beings, it is important to have your dogs be checked up for their health regularly. Veterinarians are experts when it comes to animals’ health. They know when your pets are sick or are going through something wherein medical attention is needed. What you think is a simple messy pooping may already mean a killer disease when the veterinarian sees it. For this reason, dogs must be brought to the veterinarian once an unusual thing is happening to them. This could help save their lives. Remember that dogs, unlike human beings, cannot speak. They cannot tell you what is hurting them or how they are feeling. But veterinarians can understand them. Always have them checked up.

Another important thing is to have them vaccinated. Dogs are carriers of the virus rabies. If they are infected with these disease, they can also infect other people, including you. Keep a record of their vaccine dates.

3. Have them groomed and nail trimmed.

This is very important, especially if it is already summer season and your dogs are too hairy. Aside from too much hair makes them feel hot and irritated, this also becomes a hindrance for them to see clearly because it is blocking their sight. It also becomes a difficulty for them to walk. Long haired dogs are prone for ticks to breed on them and feed on their blood. You do not want your dogs to suffer such pain for sure. Bring them to a dog parlor and have them well-groomed. This adds to their attractiveness and cuteness.

Have them nail trimmed as well to avoid being scratched. Their scratches may cause deep painful wounds to people.

4. Feed them with high quality dog food.

Dogs can actually eat foods that human eat, however, this poses a risk to them, especially if their owners are not well informed when it comes to what is good and what is harmful for them. Do not feed your dogs with chocolate or coffee. Those are definitely poisons for them!

It is better to feed them with high quality dog food to avoid the risk of them getting poisoned. Besides, dog food manufacturers have produced the food by choosing the best ingredients specifically for dogs. Keep in mind that each food differs depending on the breed of your dogs. Dog foods are not only nutritious for them. This also prevents them from having smelly bowels.

These are actually the considered best food for a French bulldog:

  • Nulo Freestyle Adult Dog Salmon and Peas Recipes
  • Castor and Pollux Organix Small Breed Grain Free Dog Food
  • Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dog Food
  • Fromm Adult Gold Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Meanwhile, these brands are considered the best food for an English bulldog:
Check here:

  • Taste of the Wild Canine Formula
  • Natural Ultramix Adult Dry Dog Food
  • Nulo Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  • Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

You may also ask your veterinarian what he or she thinks is best for your pet.

5. Bathe them regularly.

Just like human beings, dogs are also in need of good bath. Sadly, they cannot do it on their own. You have to do it for them.

Bathe them and make sure that you use dog shampoo that are safe for them. You can buy dog bathing products from pet stores. Do not use human products on them. These might be harmful for their hair, or even their entire health.

6. Give them clean and fresh water.

It is important that you provide your dogs clean and fresh water to drink. Do not let them drink polluted water. Do not also leave them without water. That could make them dehydrated and suffer heat stroke especially if the weather is too hot.

7. Have them dessexed

If you do not intend your dogs to breed, have them dessexed, but it is best to consult a veterinarian about this. It is important that you avoid your dogs getting pregnant (for female) or impregnating others (for male) especially if you cannot handle new batch of dogs. But it is also important to take note of the health risks they would be facing if you have them dessexed. Again, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

8. Take them for a walk.

Exercise is also necessary for dogs. Do not just leave your dogs in their cages where they are forced to only sit down, lie, or stand. They need to keep their legs moving as well. Take them for a walk but make sure that the ground is not too hot for them as this would only hurt their feet.

9. Train them to follow orders.

Dogs are very intelligent creatures and training them when they are still puppies are one of the best things you could do for them. Train them where to poop. Train them to respond by calling their names. Having them enrolled in dog classes will also be helpful for them.

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