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5 Incredible Ways to bath Your Dog

Take a look at your dog. What can you see? You are clearly aware that he/she needs a bath. Yet the idea of bathing your dog sounds messy and an unpleasant duty. I cannot blame you, some dogs don’t like the idea of being wet. Dogs do not have a problem with being dirty and stinky.

However, who hates a clean dog? Bathing a dog improves the overall health of the dog and in most cases, you might develop a connection with it. Trust me, the closer you are to your dog the easier it is to clean him/her.

  • Remember to always prepare the cleaning room before you bring your dog in. This may include the soap, towel, and cotton balls.

Remember hygiene is important to dogs as it is to human beings.

  • If you are having hard time bathing your dog, look no further. This article gives you simple tips that motivates you while bathing your dog.

Start while young

  • You can fall in love with puppies. They always lay next to you. Aren’t they just adorable? The whole process of cleaning a puppy while young makes her/him get used to it.
  • As the puppy grows older you will discover that the cleaning process is easy to deal with.

A good bath gives the dog a whole new appearance.

Protect the ears

  • You can put cotton balls inside the ears before the bath to protect it from infections. These infections can cause damage like deafness.
  • Once you’re through dry the ears with a cotton swab but make sure you do not insert it too deeply since it can damage the ear drum.

Brush the dog’s coat

  • Bathing your dog with tangled coat tightens it which might bring irritation. Brush it first to allow shampoo move down the coat. Even better, after the bath, you can brush it gently or even use detangler spray to be effective.
  • You can brush you dog most of the times even though it’s not cleaning day.

It also helps remove loose coat and any type of parasite that might have found its way into the pet.

Use correct shampoo

  • Use a shampoo made for dogs. It should be strong enough to remove all the dirt. These are tailored to help protect its fur and skin. Human shampoo may cause itching and irritation.

Correct shampoo protects dogs’ natural oils.

Bath your dog quickly

  • Dogs do not reason like human beings. You should be quick to avoid stress. Some dogs might start moving up and down.
  • If you are going to dry it, use pets towel to avoid pulling out its fur. Do not use your blow dryers, this might burn the dog.


By following this tips, you can gain a great experience and build a strong bond with your dog. Dogs are healthy and happy when clean. Dogs need care and love. Enjoy washing your dog- this will bring great satisfaction to both you and your dog.

Your dog needs not be bathed once a month to avoid drying and irritating his/her skin.

Video: Dog Grooming Tips – How to Bathe Your Dog

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