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5 Incredible Ways to bath Your Dog

Take a look at your dog. What can you see? You are clearly aware that he/she needs a bath. Yet the idea of bathing your dog sounds messy and an unpleasant duty. I cannot blame you, some dogs don’t like the idea of being wet. Dogs do not have a problem with being dirty and stinky.

However, who hates a clean dog? Bathing a dog improves the overall health of the dog and in most cases, you might develop a connection with it. Trust me, the closer you are to your dog the easier it is to clean him/her.

  • Remember to always prepare the cleaning room before you bring your dog in. This may include the soap, towel, and cotton balls.

Remember hygiene is important to dogs as it is to human beings.

  • If you are having hard time bathing your dog, look no further. This article gives you simple tips that motivates you while bathing your dog.

Start while young

  • You can fall in love with puppies. They always lay next to you. Aren’t they just adorable? The whole process of cleaning a puppy while young makes her/him get used to it.
  • As the puppy grows older you will discover that the cleaning process is easy to deal with.

A good bath gives the dog a whole new appearance.

Protect the ears

  • You can put cotton balls inside the ears before the bath to protect it from infections. These infections can cause damage like deafness.
  • Once you’re through dry the ears with a cotton swab but make sure you do not insert it too deeply since it can damage the ear drum.

Brush the dog’s coat

  • Bathing your dog with tangled coat tightens it which might bring irritation. Brush it first to allow shampoo move down the coat. Even better, after the bath, you can brush it gently or even use detangler spray to be effective.
  • You can brush you dog most of the times even though it’s not cleaning day.

It also helps remove loose coat and any type of parasite that might have found its way into the pet.

Use correct shampoo

  • Use a shampoo made for dogs. It should be strong enough to remove all the dirt. These are tailored to help protect its fur and skin. Human shampoo may cause itching and irritation.

Correct shampoo protects dogs’ natural oils.

Bath your dog quickly

  • Dogs do not reason like human beings. You should be quick to avoid stress. Some dogs might start moving up and down.
  • If you are going to dry it, use pets towel to avoid pulling out its fur. Do not use your blow dryers, this might burn the dog.


By following this tips, you can gain a great experience and build a strong bond with your dog. Dogs are healthy and happy when clean. Dogs need care and love. Enjoy washing your dog- this will bring great satisfaction to both you and your dog.

Your dog needs not be bathed once a month to avoid drying and irritating his/her skin.

Video: Dog Grooming Tips – How to Bathe Your Dog

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Air compressors Brands- Making a Wise Investment for Future Generation

Air compressors are quite useful and essential tools in our homes, and they are all manufactured differently. Various brands provide different cons and pros that a buyer needs to evaluate before making a final purchase. Considering most of the best air compressors range from $200 and above and some even exceeded $1000, it’s important to know what a brand can provide and it gives you ample ideas on the best one to buy. So here are Best Air Compressor Brand that is available in today’s market and what to expect from them once you make your purchase.

The Bostitch- Famous and Exclusive

The Bostitch is one of the subsidiaries of Stanley Black and Decker’s, a super famous brand of air compressors and its offer some of the best and most durable compressors on the market. The brand has been on the market for a long time and sold at the Walmart store since the year 2013. The brand also has some entry-level prices with the best air compressor brand reviews in the market, and it produces high-class results. The trade name has been creating superior tools with superior performance for centuries since the year 1896.

The California Air Tools-Exclusively Quite

If you need to use an entirely and nice air compressor you need to check out on the California Air tools, they are tools that are super wholly with just 60 decibels. They are light in weight, and they also have a robust sturdiness that makes the user feel confident as he performs his duty. The brand has multiple options, and you can choose an ideal one for your home project and the prices for each air compressor vary with size and other manufacturing concepts.

The Campbell Hausfeld – Old is Gold

This is one of the most established air compressors in the market, and it’s available in various major retailing outlets, and it has more than 175 years of satisfied customers and experience in the industry. Once you decided to purchase an air compressor from Campbell Hausfeld, you are purchase equipment that has over the years proven its reliability and strength. Many f tools from these brands are specifically designed to work together giving you a natural time to choose the best combination of your air compressor.

The Central Pneumatic compressors

These are brands associated with Harbor Freights and Tools. The air compressors from this brand are designed for industrial and light commercial use, and they are well suitable to be used in many homes. They offer their air compressor with a warranty of 90 days comparing to other brands who give guarantee for a year. They are an also high-powered tool that provides the best solution and gets most of the most robust jobs done, and they are durable if you treat them well.

Craftsman- Unique and Reliable

The Craftsman air compressors are unique products and primarily sold through the Sears, a giant retail chain and they boast of having the best reputation in the market. The main advantages of Craftsman’s Air Compressors are:

  • You can get it repaired numerous times for free
  • The products are sold primarily in stores making it easy to return them in case they are spoilt or don’t meet your expected quality.
  • The air compressors have a sturdy sturdiness, and they help you complete your project in time.

The DeWalt- The Ideal Workmanship

DeWalt is one brand known for creating robust air compressors, and they have from portable pancakes compressors to quite a large contractor’s models. Each of the DeWalt air compressors is uniquely designed to complete its specific jobs making your shopping process quite easy. You just need to know the exact type of situation, and you get the best DeWalt air compressor.

Husky-Great Value

The Husky brands of air compressor are high and most stringent in the market, and they are also great value for buyers. This brand of air compressors is primarily sold via the Home Depots retail chains with independents service centers around the world making it easy to get your air compressor serviced and repaired in case of a problem.

The best air compressors brands will give you specific options that will provide you with an advantageous ability to perform your next project faster and secure.
Have confidence in the kind of brand name you choose and check out on their reputation and reviews before making your final purchase. A well taken care of air compressor will give you high-quality services for many years, and it provides a wise investment.

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What do you want for Christmas?

Christmas is practically around the bend so you have to make a plan what do you want for the Christmas. In the event that you don’t get things moving admirably ahead of time, rather than getting a charge out of the Christmas Vacation with the young, you could wind up being completely focused and miss significant chances to affect their lives and those of their loved ones. Here a list of Christmas planning for you below:

Shape a Christmas Party arranging board of trustees

Who should be engaged in the arranging of the Christmas Party?
What are the parts of the arranging and arrangement for the Christmas Party and will’s identity in charge of every part?

Arrange your Christmas Party with the congregation in general

By what method will the Christmas Party fit into the general calendar of Church exercises? Does it supplement the Church Christmas topic or core interest?
Will there be duplication? Should a few sections of the Christmas party be together composed?
Will there be clashes of labor and offices?
Is your arranged date for the Christmas Party on the general church logbook?
Who will you have to arrange with? Will it be a piece of the general church Christmas design or independent?

Choose the Christmas Activities Schedule

Rundown the individual exercises that will be a piece of your Youth Christmas program.
What are the circumstances and dates of every occasion?
What is the scene or area for every occasion?
In what manner will the Christmas Party fit into the timetable?

Choose your Goal for the Christmas Party

Reason: What is the reason for the Christmas party? Is it evangelistic? In appreciation? A straightforward festival? To connect with the group? To help the poor?
Target gathering: Who is the objective gathering for the Christmas Party? Who would you like to go to the Christmas Party? (age gathering, Christians/searchers, companions of youth, guardians, youth specialists, group, and so on.)
Brief Description: Write an unmistakable portrayal of the Christmas Party and its objectives.
Subject: What is the topic for the Christmas Party?

Plan the Details for the Christmas Party

What is the official name of for the Christmas Party? Does the name obviously impart the reason and substance?
You ought to have effectively recorded the date and time and scene for the Party. Moreover, you will need to add bearings to the setting? Is there a guide accessible? About to what extent will it take go there? Is it hard to discover?

Speculative Christmas Party Program

What exercises will fill the time amid the Christmas Party? OVER PLAN and have ALTERNATIVES. (e.g. Icebreakers, present trade, Bible examination, Movies, Large Group Games, and so on.) If you are utilizing another setting, doing an on location investigation ahead of time will enable you to better get ready for Christmas recreations and exercises. On the off chance that there is a blessing trade, in what capacity will the trade be facilitated?

Christmas Party Finances

What’s the normal real cost?
What is the financial plan for the Youth Christmas Party?
What is the cost to members?
In the event that there is a Christmas present trade, what is the value go for the member’s presents?
Are there supports/wellsprings of provisions or sustenance for the Christmas Party? Will guardians or church individuals make commitments to Christmas treats and nourishment?
Are there grants accessible?
Does the cost change for right on time or late recruits?
At the point when is installment for the Christmas Party due?

Christmas Party Arrangements

Reservation of Venue?
Enroll Adult chaperones/volunteers for the Christmas Party – A great dependable guideline is to have one escort (parent/youth minister/pioneer) for each eight youth that goes there. A few gatherings may require pretty much supervision
Are there to be Special speakers/extraordinary things or projects using outside individuals?
Somebody prepared for emergency treatment or pharmaceutical on location if there should arise an occurrence of damage.
What sustenance will be accessible at the Christmas party? Suppers and tidbits ought to be intended to address the issues of all participants. Are there any unique dietary prerequisites or limitations?
Are there any transportation necessities?
Contact data for those in charge of significant parts and obligations?
Address and contact of closest restorative crisis help?
What Rules will be upheld?
Make an ‘Occurrence Report’ frame for any wounds, mischances or security breaks that happen amid the Christmas Party?

Christmas Events Publicity

Limited time fliers
Church Bulletin
Church/youth Calendar or occasions
Solicitations – Your solicitations should express the beginning and closure time of your Christmas party what do you want for Christmas and should specify the sustenance you will serve. Also, bear in mind to incorporate bearings to get to the setting, particularly for amateurs. You likewise will need to incorporate any cost and demonstrate regardless of whether members ought to bring a present for a blessing trade and costing for such endowments. You can surely get way what you want to do for Christmas.
Join frame/Permission Slips
Postcards to welcome companions
Blurbs/Bulletin Boards
Nearby daily paper

Gear and assets required for the Christmas Party

Are the tables and seats accessible at the scene adequate for members and the nourishment?
Sound framework? Peppy Christmas Music?
Unique lighting?
Unique gear?
Materials and assets for diversions?
Parking spot? Drop off and get point for guardians?
Order frames for provisions, Checkout/return out the shape for any gear or supplies that are acquired?


If you can make proper planning you can get the result what do you want for Christmas. The young, old aged and all ages people will be able to take part in Christmas party to enjoy the festival. You can then realize that your plan was really very much successful.

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Foods To Keep Poodles Healthy

Foods to Keep Poodles Healthy

Poodles are known to be elegant, and standard ones are medium or large. They have well-groomed curly coats. Both their heads and their muzzles are long. Their teeth are aligned, and they form a sharp scissor bite. Their ears are floppy and hang close to their heads. Their tails are customarily cropped to half of its original length. Poodles can range in color, but they are usually reliable colored. Often, Poodles look different depending on their haircuts. Male Standard Poodles can weigh anywhere from 45-70 pounds while female Standard Poodles weigh 45-60 pounds. Toy Poodles are much smaller and usually are in the 10-15 lb range.

A lot of Poodles owners are paying much just to secure the good health of their loved pets. Best dog food for Poodles, in turn, are doing their best to bring more buyers to buy their products. With so many Poodles food manufacturers with their elegant advertisements, how will you recognize which one is best for your Poodle?

Usually, the best dog food for Poodles for your food pet is the one you cook yourself. The elements are wholesome meats and vegetables and are confirmed fresh. However, some puppy owners are too involved in other things that they get it difficult to spend time making meals for their Poodles. This is where favorite Poodles foods come in beneficial. Different brands with various varieties of pet foods line the shelves in Poodles stores and Poodle section of grocery stores each one requires better than the other. This actuality creates a problem in the minds of some puppy owners.

To assist the buyers, specialists set guidelines in preferring a complete and balanced Poodles food. Assess your dog – breed, size, age, and activity are some of the circumstances in determining the appropriate food. A puppy two months old has various nutritional needs from a dog two years of age. Also, a Shih Tzu may have varying energy levels compared to Poodles.

Review the product label concentrating on the list of ingredients available in the food. The list should include vitamins, proteins, minerals and some essential fat such as chicken fat, beef fat, or lamb fat. Whole meat must also be the primary ingredient. Prefer one with few types of filler and grains. A good poodle food has no artificial colors, no preservatives, sugars, and sweeteners. It does not contain sugar, ammoniated glycyrrhizin, sucrose, or propylene glycol. If you have a two-month-old Poodle, consider buying a dog food mainly made for Poodles. Most poodle foods will tell you if they are for young Poodles, adults, older less active or dogs under specific diet.

Humans need foods to stay healthy, active and happy. The same way it goes for the dogs. Foods keep them fueled to let them do their stuff – running, playing ball, fetch and so on.


One of the most beautiful varieties of dog is the Poodle. While these dogs are lovely, poodles are also moderately high maintenance, which means this kind of dog isn’t for everyone. There are some things you must know if you are thinking to own a pet Poodle. If you are a person who prefers to get out and who travels a lot, this not the best dog for you, as they need a lot of attention. If you think about spending a lot of time at your home, then you may need to consider a Poodle if you haven’t already.

One of the best ways to start studying how to care for this type of dog is first to do your homework. You should do your investigation and learn as much as you can about this unusual dog. The Internet is a beautiful resource to understand information all about Poodles. It isn’t much you won’t be ready to get on the Internet as the information on the network continues to grow every individual day. If you have questions that you can’t see the results to on the Internet, then try calling up your social vet and asking him or her your questions.

One of the most critical aspects of Poodle care is nutrition and exercise. You must look into all the various brands of food and get one that is the best for your dog. This can be a headache with all the various types of food available, so plan on doing some analysis in this area as well. You should do a knowledge check and ensure that the kind you are buying hasn’t had any major recollects lately to avoid providing your dog food that could be presumably poisoned. Also, be assured not to overfeed your dog as this can cause it to look obesity.

Poodles are highly active animals, and they prefer to get their exercise. It’s essential to ensure that you couple a proper diet with the appropriate use to keep your dog from getting overweight, which is very dangerous to your dog’s health. Playing with your dog outdoors is an excellent way for the both of you to get in some much-needed exercise.

If you aren’t assured which kind of food is the best, even after doing some investigation you need to call your vet. If there is ever a question that you are not particular about, always contact your vet before giving any decision. Your vet will be able to tell you the details about specific kinds and will also be able to tell you how much you should be serving your Poodle.

Making sure your poodle gets the right food and exercise is the key to having a right, healthy dog. Taking administration of these kinds of dogs can become very expensive, so ensure you have thought about it thoroughly before beginning a poodle home. They are great maintenance and a very expensive poodle to have. If you aren’t sure you can manage one, you may need to hold off, or directly get another kind of dog that needs less concentration than a Poodle.

Remember that once you return your pet home, it becomes one of the families. It’s essential to ensure you do what you can to make your dog’s life a pleasant one as well as a strong one. Don’t feed your dog table portions or overfeed him or she like this is very unhealthy and can shorten your dog’s lifespan and the years you have together.

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They say that dogs are man’s best friend. They are the very cute pets of people, and are very loyal to their owners. Dogs always want to keep their owners safe. When their owners are lonely, they are there to give them joy.

Dogs have never failed their owners when it comes to affection, and for that reason, they also deserve to feel loved and cared for.

How should you take care of your dogs?

1. Give them a clean and safe environment to live in.

It does not mean that they are mere animals, they no longer need a clean place to live in. It is important to choose a place where their need for cleanliness is not compromised. Do not let your dogs stay in places where their foods are so close to their poop or urine. Protect them too from anything that is harmful to them. It is known that dogs are very conscious of noises around them. They actually do shiver when there are fireworks or thunders. Such scenario only increases the stress level of your dogs which is very unhealthy for them.

They need a comfortable place where they can enjoy their lives as dogs.

2. Bring them regularly to the veterinarian.

Just like human beings, it is important to have your dogs be checked up for their health regularly. Veterinarians are experts when it comes to animals’ health. They know when your pets are sick or are going through something wherein medical attention is needed. What you think is a simple messy pooping may already mean a killer disease when the veterinarian sees it. For this reason, dogs must be brought to the veterinarian once an unusual thing is happening to them. This could help save their lives. Remember that dogs, unlike human beings, cannot speak. They cannot tell you what is hurting them or how they are feeling. But veterinarians can understand them. Always have them checked up.

Another important thing is to have them vaccinated. Dogs are carriers of the virus rabies. If they are infected with these disease, they can also infect other people, including you. Keep a record of their vaccine dates.

3. Have them groomed and nail trimmed.

This is very important, especially if it is already summer season and your dogs are too hairy. Aside from too much hair makes them feel hot and irritated, this also becomes a hindrance for them to see clearly because it is blocking their sight. It also becomes a difficulty for them to walk. Long haired dogs are prone for ticks to breed on them and feed on their blood. You do not want your dogs to suffer such pain for sure. Bring them to a dog parlor and have them well-groomed. This adds to their attractiveness and cuteness.

Have them nail trimmed as well to avoid being scratched. Their scratches may cause deep painful wounds to people.

4. Feed them with high quality dog food.

Dogs can actually eat foods that human eat, however, this poses a risk to them, especially if their owners are not well informed when it comes to what is good and what is harmful for them. Do not feed your dogs with chocolate or coffee. Those are definitely poisons for them!

It is better to feed them with high quality dog food to avoid the risk of them getting poisoned. Besides, dog food manufacturers have produced the food by choosing the best ingredients specifically for dogs. Keep in mind that each food differs depending on the breed of your dogs. Dog foods are not only nutritious for them. This also prevents them from having smelly bowels.

These are actually the considered best food for a French bulldog:

  • Nulo Freestyle Adult Dog Salmon and Peas Recipes
  • Castor and Pollux Organix Small Breed Grain Free Dog Food
  • Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dog Food
  • Fromm Adult Gold Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Meanwhile, these brands are considered the best food for an English bulldog:
Check here:

  • Taste of the Wild Canine Formula
  • Natural Ultramix Adult Dry Dog Food
  • Nulo Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  • Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

You may also ask your veterinarian what he or she thinks is best for your pet.

5. Bathe them regularly.

Just like human beings, dogs are also in need of good bath. Sadly, they cannot do it on their own. You have to do it for them.

Bathe them and make sure that you use dog shampoo that are safe for them. You can buy dog bathing products from pet stores. Do not use human products on them. These might be harmful for their hair, or even their entire health.

6. Give them clean and fresh water.

It is important that you provide your dogs clean and fresh water to drink. Do not let them drink polluted water. Do not also leave them without water. That could make them dehydrated and suffer heat stroke especially if the weather is too hot.

7. Have them dessexed

If you do not intend your dogs to breed, have them dessexed, but it is best to consult a veterinarian about this. It is important that you avoid your dogs getting pregnant (for female) or impregnating others (for male) especially if you cannot handle new batch of dogs. But it is also important to take note of the health risks they would be facing if you have them dessexed. Again, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

8. Take them for a walk.

Exercise is also necessary for dogs. Do not just leave your dogs in their cages where they are forced to only sit down, lie, or stand. They need to keep their legs moving as well. Take them for a walk but make sure that the ground is not too hot for them as this would only hurt their feet.

9. Train them to follow orders.

Dogs are very intelligent creatures and training them when they are still puppies are one of the best things you could do for them. Train them where to poop. Train them to respond by calling their names. Having them enrolled in dog classes will also be helpful for them.

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Dog Food for French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are known to have big puppy-dog eyes and have perky ears. In 2014, they were ranked the 9th most popular breed in the US by the AKC registration statistics. In the same year, the French bulldog was ranked the 4th most popular breed in the UK. The statistics only shows that the French Bulldogs is a popular breed and is becoming more popular as time goes by. People love French bulldogs because of its compact size and friendly personality. Some treat these dogs as their companion in life. If you treat them right, your French bulldog can be your companion for 14 years or more. In order to keep your little bulldogs stays longer, you need to provide him healthy and nutritious bulldog food. This article will discuss some of the best foods for your French bulldogs available in the market today.

Taste of the Wild

When choosing the best French bulldog food recipes it is important that you consider the content or its ingredients. The first on the list is the “Taste of the Wild.” Why? Simple, it is the only dog food that cut out all the non-essential additives, controversial fillers, and chemicals. Your bulldogs will only get the best ingredients to make him stay healthy and help him live longer. The main ingredients of the “Taste of the Wild” include lamb meal, egg product, bison, sweet potatoes and chicken meal. This dog food is 100% natural-grain free. Also, it contains salmon oil, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acid that promotes a healthy skin and coat.

Taste of the Wild also contains what dog experts called as “chelated minerals.” These are minerals like copper, iron, calcium and zinc chemically combined with amino acids to make it easier to absorb. This only means that with Taste of the Wild your French bulldog can absorb and use the necessary minerals needed to thrive instead of throwing it out as waste. This dog food will not cost you that much. It is one of the cheapest dog foods available in the market.

Wellness Core Natural Dog Food

This dog food is made from natural ingredients, perfect for your French bulldog. An average weight of a healthy female bulldog is around 45 to 55 pounds, and for a male bulldog, it is around 50 to 65 pounds. If you a 70 pounds bulldog it does not necessarily mean you have an over-weight dog, maybe he has a larger frame.

Bulldogs have the tendency to lie down all day not because they are lazy but because of their heavy body. If you want to maintain your French bulldog’s weight make sure you feed him with the best weight management dog food, such as Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free. As compared to other weight management food, this healthy food is 25-50% less fat. Wellness Core does not contain any harmful ingredients like soy, wheat, corn and by-products.

Zignature Grain Free Trout formula

Around 10-20% of French bulldogs suffer from food allergies. Your little bulldogs may get seasonal allergies as well from grass, bug bites, weed or tree pollen. The most common side effects of these seasonal allergies are excessive licking, scratching of the legs, belly, face, and paws, gnawing and biting. Symptoms of food allergies are somewhat similar to this but are coupled with frequent, softer bowel movement as well as chronic yeast infections on the skin and ears.

It is important to know what causes the allergies of your bulldog. If it is caused by something that he gets in contact with then it cannot be remedied with any special food. But, if you think your little bulldog is allergic to the food he ate you need to determine which ingredients are causing the allergy. The most common offenders are wheat, corn, soy, dairy, and grains. Others are also allergic to proteins like beef and chicken.

You need to find a simple food that does not contain the ingredients your French bulldog is allergic to. Zignature Grain Free Trout is highly recommended. There is scarcely or no report at all about bulldog being allergic to trout or salmon, which are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Zignature Grain Free Trout also contains flaxseed and sunflower oil which are also rich in fatty acid. Fatty acids are known to prevent allergic reactions to airborne pollens.

The Verdict

Keep in mind that all dogs are different and may require special ingredients. There are some dog food brands that may contain special diet to meet the needs of a specific type of dog. There are various food recipes that focus on allergies, individual diet, and weight loss. If your French bulldog is having health or digestive issues, the food he eats could be a factor. Make sure you inform your veterinarian about your bulldog’s diet. They will recommend the best bulldog food for your little dog.

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Take Care of your Dogs Teeth

Tips and Tricks on How to Take Care of your Dogs Teeth

Most pet owners are focused only on the quality of food, daily exercise and routine checkups of their dog to keep them healthy. But what about your dog’s teeth?

One of the most over-looked parts of the dog’s overall health is the oral hygiene. If your dog is suffering from sore gums or a toothache, he experiences great pain and stress that you might not even notice. If left untreated, it will introduce bacteria that could enter his bloodstream and can affect his kidneys, liver or heart. The dental problem can be prevented with regular cleaning and checkups.

Just like grooming, dental care should be one thing that you need to check. It is best to introduce dental care when your dog is still young. But, if you just realized its importance lately, don’t worry, you can introduce it to your dog slowly. Keep in mind that lots love and treats can go a long way in winning him over.

Experts recommend brushing your dog’s teeth every day if it is possible. If not, you can aim for 3 to 4 times per week. If your dog is not patient enough for you to complete the brushing, you can do half today and half the next day. Just don’t forget which part you did yesterday.

Tips on Brushing

Don’t expect that your dog will sit and open his mouth wide by simply telling him. He may think that this is only part of his bath. Don’t worry your dog will cooperate, it will only take several days to weeks depending on his age. Do not rush things.

The first thing you need to do is to spend some time touching his mouth. Place tasty treats on your fingers – like meat baby food, peanut butter or nonfat yogurt. Let your dog lick it at your finger, as you slowly rub his gums and teeth. Place another tasty treat on your finger as needed, try to slide his lips aside to reach more of his teeth.

He needs to be familiar you touching his muzzle. Slowly put your one hand underneath your dog’s lower jaw and the other hand over, and keep your hands in that position for a few seconds. Slowly move your hands toward manipulating his mouth by parting his lips, then slowly open his jaw.

Once he is used to it, choose the quiet and unhurried time of the day to do the brushing. Next step is the introduction of the brushing gear.

How to Introduce the Brushing Gear to your Dogs

First, let your dog smell and lick the toothbrush and toothpaste.
Move his lips aside, then use your finger or toothbrush to rub the visible teeth. The toothpaste may spark his interest.

 Take Care of your Dogs Teeth

Slowly, move to the other teeth, add more toothpaste if needed. Don’t forget the gum line. Do it in a circular motion.

Once your dog gets familiar with the brushing, you can try brushing his back teeth. If you are having problems brushing the inside of his teeth, do not worry that much. Periodontal disease is more common on the outer teeth. After completing your brushing session don’t forget to give him a special reward – affection, play or treat. Even if the process does not go well, you can still give him some treats. You want to create a positive connection with brushing, so a happy ending at first try will make him more cooperative on your next attempt.

How to Make his Visit to a Veterinary Dentist a Smooth Experience

At some point in your dog’s life, he will need to visit his veterinary dentist to have his teeth checked. To have a smooth experience with his visit, here are some helpful tips.

It is important that your dog’s visit to his dentist is as comfortable as possible, regardless whether it is because he has a toothache or for professional cleaning. Take Care of your Dogs Teeth
First, look for a reliable veterinary dentist in your area. You can ask your friends or your vet for recommendations. If possible, you can do a dry run to familiarize your dog with the setting. He can say hello to the staff, sample a treat and sniff out the waiting area. At the same time, you can check out the clinic’s facilities.

Ask around, if you are allowed to stay with your pet, if they accept veterinary insurance and others. Don’t forget to ask if you need to do something before his visit. If he will undergo a dental procedure, even just for cleaning, he may be subjected to an anesthetic, proper preparation is needed.

Proper dental care both from a professional and at home is a big part of your dog’s overall health. With the right information and patience, it can become a part of your daily routine.

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